In Uzbekistan, there are officially 10 holidays, which are solemnly celebrated and declared to be weekends-non-working days.

New Year holiday in Uzbekistan. This great international holiday comes to every family and, of course, is widely and cheerfully celebrated. In the capital and all towns of the country a Christmas tree, the symbol of the New Year, appears. It is sparkling with lights garlands and is decorated with balls. It is the favorite of all the children.

Defender’s Day is a big national holiday of Uzbekistan, and is solemnized very widely and spectacularly. On this day ranks of servicemen are paraded in full parade to receive congratulations and awards from the country’s leadership.

International Women’s Day came from the Russian people after Uzbekistan entered the USSR. People celebrate this holiday as a day of love, good and beauty. On this day, men solemnly and sincerely give flowers and gifts their mothers, wives, daughters and colleagues at work.

On the day of the spring equinox, on March 21, Uzbekistan celebrates a bright and joyful Uzbekistan festival Navruz – a spring new year and one of the oldest holidays on the Earth. Navruz is the most beloved Uzbek national holiday. Navruz for the Uzbek people began to be celebrated even under the Persian kingdom 3000 years ago.

Day of Memory and Honor is a particularly significant Uzbekistan national holiday. It is observed in honor of compatriots who heroically defended our Motherland, who stood in the battle for peaceful life and freedom from invaders.

September 1, 1991 is the birthday of the new independent republic of Uzbekistan. The whole republic celebrates Independence Day widely, brightly and cheerfully.

On the 1st of October Uzbekistan celebrates the Teacher’s Day. Pupils of schools and students of universities deeply revere all those who gave them the first life knowledge. On this public holiday of Uzbekistan, the students gratefully give flowers and gifts; make a frank confession for teachers’ hard work in life.

Constitution Day is a significant day in the life of the Republic of Uzbekistan. It has been celebrated since 1992, after the adoption of the State Constitution, which establishes the fundamental values of democracy.

A special place among the holidays of our country is occupied by religious holidays. The Muslim Holiday of Ramazan Hayit – Eid al-Fitr begins with the setting of the last rays of the sun on the last day of the holy month of Ramadan, and lasts on the first and second date of the following month.

In 70 days after the end of Ramadan the main festival of Muslims in Uzbekistan, Kurban-Hayit, comes. The sources of this feast are the ancient stories that are associated with the prophet Ibrahim.

The days of Muslim holidays “Ramazan” and “Kurban” are determined in accordance with the lunar calendar; and are changed in relation to the Gregorian calendar annually moving about 10 days back.

Uzbekistan holidays and festivals are different. Some of them are common to different nations and others are observed only by particular nationalities. All holidays are interesting, individual; each holiday has its own unique features, characteristics, history and traditions.

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Guests of Uzbekistan during the holidays can participate in mass festivals of cultural events: concerts, theater performances, various exhibitions (art, folk crafts, and children’s art). During these events, one can better learn Uzbek folklore and folk traditions; see products of folk artists, folk costumes, etc. National holidays of the Republic of Uzbekistan are a constant source of benevolence, warmth and hospitality.

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