About us

“ Paradise   voyage ”  –  Tour  operator  on   the    Great  Silk  Road . The   tour company “Paradise voyage ” offers group and individual tours to  Uzbekistan. We are engaged  in the  reception of foreign guests and organization of tours around the  ancient  cities  of  Uzbekistan.  We  do   all  our  best  to create   comfortable conditions for you  to  travel,  providing  our services  at high  level, so that nothing prevents you from enjoying an unforgettable trip to Uzbekistan. Organizing a trip for you,  w e   make  every  trip  unique ,  interesting  and  thoughtful  оf the  smallest detail. Travelling  with us you get a high quality tour a reasonable price .

Our mission

The organization and conducting of the tours, we  do by ourselves. We  have our own office .  We  conclude  the  contacts which  the  main  partners,  providing hotels, transportation  and  other services. We  ourselves  develop  and  conduct a variety of thematic excursions, travel trough ancient cities and natural places of Uzbekistan. Every tourist is a welcome guest for us, and Uzbek hospitality is known in many countries of the world .

We will do all  our  best to  ensure  that  you  have  the  best  memories  and impressions of Uzbekistan.

Paradise Voyage Team

Aziz Shamsiev


Otabek Gulomov

Web developer

Kamol Yuldashev

Main tour Manager

Travel Agency based in Bukhara

Kamol Yuldashev

Main Tour Operator

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